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Alyse is our featured Language Superstar for November, 2014.  She is 17 and has been using a speech generating device (SGD) to augment her natural speech since 2006.  In 2011, we began to look at potential core language system matches for Alyse, and after a long term trial of the best match, Alyse received that SGD through insurance funding in April, 2014.

Alyse now uses a complex core language system that includes text to speech and word prediction, as well as robust word-based language supports that allow her to use grammatical markers (plurals), past and future tense verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  She has also shown us that she can use synonyms such as “plate” instead of “dish”, and “tired” instead of “yawn”.  Alyse has become very skilled at knowing when to use her natural speech, when to supplement it with her core language system, and when to rely on her speech generating device alone.  Alyse attended Group VOICE this summer and will attend during this school year.  Her educational team and family have been strong supporters of Alyse’s use of a speech generating device, and she uses it across settings and people.

Alyse is well on her way to becoming a generative language user and for that reason, we are proud to feature her as our Language Superstar for November.  Many thanks to Alyse and to her family for letting VOICE, LLC feature her as a Language Superstar.