It is our mission to provide individuals who have limited or no natural speech with effective means to communicate across all people and settings.  All individuals, regardless of age, deserve to be able to communicate as independently and effectively as possible at home, at school, at work, at play or leisure, and in the community.  People with limited or no natural speech are candidates for Augmentative and Alternative Communication  (AAC). 

What is Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)?

The purpose of AAC is to supplement natural gesture, facial expression, body language, sign language, and speech when these means are not functional.

How do we provide effective means to communicate?

Through comprehensive clinical evaluations, consultations, family and care giver trainings, educational staff trainings and user groups.


We specialize in an efficient and comprehensive clinical evaluation process.  In our evaluations, we match high technology speech generating devices with a potential user’s skills and needs.

Ongoing support

Once an AAC user has a communication system in place, we provide team-based consultation in the user’s natural setting (schools, home, community, etc.) and at VOICE.  We provide parent/care giver trainings and support groups, software trainings to educational teams and parents, and run user groups including summer camps.  We also provide low technology communication systems to order, based on an individual user’s vocabulary needs.  We now provide treatment services at VOICE, LLC AAC Center for AAC users.

Who is licensed in the State of Vermont to provide Augmentative and Alternative Communication evaluations, consultation and trainings?

Speech and Language Pathologists holding a current license from the Department of Education