Speech Generating Device User Groups

Julie started and directed several summer camps (including Device Buddy Camp of Vermont and Camp VOICE) from 2007 – 2012.  In 2012, she began Group VOICE, a Speech Generating Device user group for adolescents and young adults.  Group VOICE is available at VOICE, LLC AAC Center on a monthly basis, with once-weekly sessions offered during the summer.  The focus is on independent SGD use with each other, learning social language skills, conversation practice, and on community device use.  Please contact Julie Taylor at if you are interested in enrolling a participant in Group VOICE.



Parent/Care Giver Training and Support Groups

VOICE, LLC AAC Center provides parent/caregiver training and support groups.  Many parents receive little or no training in speech generating device proper care and implementation or software training.  This is an opportunity for small groups of parents to come to the center, receive training and provide support to each other as parents of children with significant communication needs.  There is a moderate fee and groups will be in the evenings to accommodate working parents’ schedules.  Please note that these groups are not intended to include the SGD users.  Please contact Julie Taylor at if you are interested in joining a parent/caregiver group.